Roof Coatings Applied in Abilene, TX

Rhino Roofing Systems also offers Elastomeric Roof Coating, yet another money-saving option for your commercial building!

This coating is special because it is a roofing membrane with elastic properties so it can adapt to the seasons – stretching in the heat, and shrinking in the cold.

Coatings for your commercial roofing needs!

Coatings for your commercial roofing needs!

This means no cracking, and no water leakage! This roof coating works for sloped, slanted, and even flat roofs!

Elastomeric roof coating will save your business money because of its light color. While it reflects the sun and the heat, you will see your monthly bill decrease as much as 30 percent!

Because it is simply a coating it takes half the time! Business can continue on with little to no disruption to employees or customers.

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